Beds & Mattresses

Hospital beds can make the difference in both the healing process, as well as the comfort during the healing process. If you’ve ever been confined to a hospital bed for a period of time, you can understand that they are essentially your world when you need one. We understand this, and we’d like to make sure you have a bed at an affordable price for whatever your demands are.

New and Used Hospital Beds:

We provide both new and used hospital beds to patients for home use or hospitals and clinics.

Hospital Bed Rentals:

If you need a hospital bed delivered to your home for a temporary basis, we rent beds in the Miami and Broward area. Rentals for hospital beds are $150 per month, and there is a setup fee of $90. There is a two month minimum. We can make arrangements to deliver your bed to your home and set it up on the weekends if necessary.

To get more information, feel free to contact us at 305-529-1715 and 888-529-1715.