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Medical Equipment Solutions is the top provider in the renting of power and manual wheelchairs in South Florida.

Our collection of wheelchairs is extensive and reliable, giving you and your family necessities in your time of need.Mobility is often an overlooked factor in people’s lives, and Medical Equipment Solutions helps those who wish to improve the quality of their life.Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will gladly assist you with any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have.

The easiest way to find out what we currently have in stock is to just CALL us at 305.590.5755.

If you just need a wheelchair rental, we can accommodate short-term and long-term rentals on both manual and electric wheelchairs and hospital beds. In addition to renting out wheelchairs, Medical Equipment Solutions is capable of servicing equipment as well. Our company prides itself on the unsurpassed quality in our power chair and scooter repair. Regardless if you have purchased the item from us or not, we will gladly take in your chair or scooter and repair it for you.

While Medical Equipment Solutions specializes in wheelchair, scooters, and repair, we also accommodate other rental requests. Our short and long-term rental capabilities can apply to hospital beds as well. Medical Equipment Solutions has a wide range of hospital beds to choose from; each matching the comfort and specific requirements of your loved one.

MES has been providing medical equipment and service in Florida since 1999. We are an authorized Medicare and Medicaid provider.

We Provide rentals and repairs. Call us for more information 1-888-529-1715